ex- There are a lot of reasons why I selected this essay. My mother, who is an i

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ex- There are a lot of reasons why I selected this essay. My mother, who is an incredibly joyful, cheery, and positive person, inspired me to choose this essay. She taught us so much about patience, tranquility, and how to always be optimistic no matter what happens.
the assignment
Okay, this week you begin to pull all the last few steps together, for final submission next week. This week is only a publish, so don’t panic! And think of all the steps you’ve done:
1) You’ve figured out who to write about.
2) You’ve written out scenes between the two of you, and likely included some reflection of what you think of them and why.
3) You’ve looked up research sources on aspects of them, whether it’s their personalities, their jobs, their hobbies, or health, or other statistics related to them.
Now, you’ll pull all that together, using your own work that you’ve already done. Honestly! Cut and paste all that work you’ve done into one document and start making the pieces fit together. Figure out more research that can be fit in to relevant spots. Add more reflection on their influence on you. Add reflection on your take-away after having observed or thought about them as subjects now for a couple weeks!
Then, make that MLA Works Cited page for the end, including any research you have so far. Ultimately, you’ll need three sources. Viola! You’ve written a publish of a profile paper.
here is another students example about their topic, I chose my mother and Entrepreneurship because of how strong and confident my mother is.
here is another example of someone else’s: Growing up all I’ve seen my father do is work. He has worked as long as I can remember. Doing it consistently without ever complaining. The work that he has done throughout the years has been stressful, time consuming, but decent pay. He has done all that work to put food on our table, roof over our heads, and for our future. For that I will forever be grateful to him. I consider him to be my role model and if I ever have children, I will try to be just like him.
The work that he did is extremely exhausting and won with huge responsibilities. The responsibility that he had was to deliver goods from state to state. He would stay in front of the wheel from eight to twelve hours without a break going to an unfamiliar place with products inside the truck that are worth many thousands of dollars. He had to stay concentrated and energized to drive the truck for that long, and to make sure not to do any damage to the truck and the food inside. Whenever he got tired, he would pull over and sleep for just about three hours. Then after that he would continue driving to do another delivery that would be in another state. According to Star Fleet Trucking Inc, truck drivers roughly should be driving around 14 hours at most. Me and my family would often get worried, but he tried his best and called during stops. Sometimes he would tell me how his eyes almost closed while driving due to being exhausted. So one time I convinced him to go with him. I was next to him for about eight hours. My father looked at me with tired and concerned eyes and said, “Raffi, pay close attention at school and try to be an educated person.” I immediately responded, “Dad, what exactly do you mean by that?” He then sighed and said, “I want you to work somewhere with humane hours and good pay, I don’t want you to drive like me for hours just to get through the day.” At the time I did not really understand what he was saying, but through the years I slowly started to understand what he exactly meant. For that reason I am giving my time and dedicating myself to education.
Throughout the years I’ve noticed what my father has been doing is bravery. He is in a car alone by himself for countless hours. At any given moment God forbid something could happen to him. Maybe he goes to a place that is dangerous or he falls asleep on the wheel. Thankfully none of those has happened. According to Truckinginfo, “About 20% admit to falling asleep behind the wheel at some point in the past year, with more than 40% admitting this has happened at least once in their driving careers.” One time my dad came home very late and we all got happy and greeted him. While I was going to brush my teeth, I overheard him and my mother speaking. My mother said, “Honey you have to find a different job, this is not normal nor healthy.” My father laughed in a joking way and responded, “What other job can I do to take care of my family.” That again in my opinion is a characteristic of bravery. Throughout the years my father has told me countless stories of someone pulling a knife on him during stops when he was resting. Even that did not phase him and he continued to work day in and day out. Every single day he had dedication to drive, to get up early, and come back possibly days later. I would consider my father to be a very homesick person. Anytime we go on summer trips, he would be one of the first ones that would want to go home. The fact that he would drive for hours being thousands of miles away and managing missing home is something I respect.
Perhaps the most respectful and commendable thing that my father has done is sacrifice. He has sacrificed spending time with his family like missing many birthdays. When I was young I would get sad when he missed my birthday, but now I understand that it would hurt him even more. He has sacrificed spending time with his friends and hanging out with them. To be honest some of his friends would not spend time with their families, but instead of working like my father they would be drinking all day. Those are the two contrasts, one men drinking and having fun while the other is away working trying to feed his family. What I appreciate the most though is that he has never complained about it. I could imagine that he would like to spend time with us and his friends, but he values us over personal pleasure. One time my father had a day off, we were sitting outside in the backyard on a sunny day and I told him briefly about my friends and I said, “Dad, don’t you wish you could spend more time with your friends.” Then my father proceeded to put his hand on my head and said, “Of course I would, but family is more important.” “All my life everything I have done has been for my family.” That instilled the value of a hard working man in me, a man that would sacrifice great times for the security of his family.
To conclude, my father has been doing a tough and stressful job. He has been doing it with his head up and no regrets. What he has been doing, has been nothing short of brave. He has spent countless hours without sleep driving in determination for a better tomorrow for his family. In doing that he has sacrificed his personal life, spending time with his closest friends, and rest. He has faced many dangers, but through it all he has continued to deliver for his family. In the future when I get to marry and have my own children I want to be like him. No, I do not want to drive a truck as it is way too stressful, I want to continue with my education and start with my dream career. I don’t want to do the same job as my father, but I want to have the same characteristics. My father is a family man who puts his family and only his family first. For that I will forever be grateful to him and try to make him proud.
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What You Need To Cross State Lines as a Truck Driver

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